Wood Fences: A Stylish & Affordable Solution for Home Security & Curb Appeal

Installing a wooden fence and keeping it in good condition enhances your home’s appearance while providing the safety, privacy, and security your property needs. When you’re more familiar with the advantages of a wooden fence, you might not only choose to have it installed, but you can also work with a great contractor who can explain more of the benefits and teach you how to maintain this versatile investment. Continue reading to learn why you should install a wood fence.

Multipurpose Use

Whether you want to protect your garden, patio furniture, or other areas of the home, you can do that with a wooden fence. This is one of the easiest ways to secure outdoor seating, a swimming pool, or flower beds without spending much money. You simply install a sectioned wooden fence and protect these aspects of the yard, regardless of whether you have an enclosure around the entire house.

Less Expense

Compared to other fencing materials, wood can save you time, energy, and money without compromising the enclosure’s privacy, safety, stability, and appearance. Keep in mind there are costs associated with maintaining the wood over time, so always verify your budget can cover those expenses after the job is complete. Some of the maintenance requirements could include cleaning, treatment, and sealant. However, this enclosure could last up to 20 years, making it an option most homeowners love.

Color Options

If you decide to install a wooden fence, you can add organic textures and colors besides traditional classic white pickets. The grain in the wooden boards can come to life when you choose a color theme for your enclosure. Compared to vinyl options, wood provides a more natural appearance, regardless of the color you select. The most popular colors for this type of fence are red, dark walnut, sky blue, white, solid black, natural earth tones, and bright yellow.

Another benefit is that once the fence is installed, the wood can stand alone in its natural state, meaning you don’t need to select a color. Instead, you can add a protective sealant or stain. Many fence materials cannot be sealed, stained, or painted, giving wood the advantage. This means if you want to change the look in the future as times change and trends come and go, you cannot do so with options like vinyl. With wood, you can.

Hiring Professionals for the Installation

Even if you’re great with drills and other power tools, it’s best to hire a professional contractor who specializes in installing wood and iron fences. San Diego County residents can protect their investments and safety by relying on someone with the training, knowledge, and proper tools to install their fences.

While the contractor is installing the fence, you could learn tips from the professionals about maintaining it. This protects your investment and could lead to long-term savings while enhancing your home’s curb appeal and increasing safety and privacy. 

Fred’s Fencing has been providing San Diego with top-quality fencing since 1984. With more than 50 years of experience, we offer a wide selection of wood, chain link, and iron fences San Diego businesses and homeowners trust to enhance the style and security of their residential, commercial, and industrial properties. We specialize in manufacturing decorative fences and gates for various purposes, such as pool, backyard, and dog fencing. To learn more about our high-quality craftsmanship, contact us today.

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